Group Exercise Classes

Aerobic classes are offered each semester for students, faculty and staff. Aerobic exercise is a great stress-buster while giving you more energy and a healthier look.

  • BUTTS AND GUTS – This class will consist of high-intensity interval training that can leave any one breathless. Body weight movements such as squats, lunges, pushups, and plyometrics will be involved plus the occasional use of resistance bands and/or weights will make all other exercises a challenge during this class.
  • CARDIO KICKBOXING – A fat-burning, muscle-building workout that blends striking with interval training. You'll punch with jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, and perform front kicks and roundhouse kicks while also doing bodyweight strength exercises. You can expect to be exhausted afterward!
  • CROSSFIT – Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at relatively high intensity with the intent to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Improves your overall fitness by doing different exercises with correct mechanics, consistency with these mechanics, and with intensity after this has been achieved. (REQUIRES FOUNDATIONAL MOVEMENTS 101 TO ATTEND. MAXIMUM 8 PARTICIPANTS, SIGN UP THROUGH WWW.IMLEAGUES.COM/LANDER/FITNESS)
  • THE SESSION (HIP-HOP DANCE) - Burn up the dance floor and burn calories too! HHD blends hip hop and dance moves, making them simple and easy to follow! Anyone can do this! This workout feels more like a night on the town than exercise. Drop the pounds and get rapid results while you dance, dance, dance!
  • SPIN - All classes will be an interval, all level spin-cycling class focused on burning away those unwanted calories and strengthening your legs and core in a group atmosphere.
  • YOGA - An Iyengar inspired introduction to the fundamentals of yoga with an explanation of the postures combined with correct breathing techniques. Class is conducted at a more relaxed pace and all levels are welcome.
  • ZUMBA - Zumba allows anyone and everyone to have fun while dancing and exercising, and at the same time - learning different styles of Latin movement to amazing Latin music and burning calories.


Fitness Center

Phone: (864) 388-8964

ID POLICY: In order to use the Joe V. Chandler Center for recreational purposes, ALL Patrons must have a Valid Lander I.D. Card