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Lander Rugby – Get Out on the Pitch

It’s fast-paced. It’s full-contact. It’s fun. It’s rugby, and whether you’re watching from the sidelines or out on the pitch with the team, it’s a sport that really gets your adrenaline pumping.

Lander University offers rugby as a club sport, and it is a great way to develop leadership and life skills on – and off – the field.

Join the Blue Army – It’s an experience you won’t forget!
Whether you want to keep competing in sports after high school or you want to get your first experience at the camaraderie associated with being part of a team, now is the time to join the Rugby Club at Lander University.

Lander’s Rugby Club has certified and experienced coaches who focus on all levels of play and are dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere where players can hone their skills. It’s also an environment where club members can build lifelong friendships, whether it’s while practicing on campus or playing on spring break study tours, which have included trips to England and the Caribbean.

The university offers both men’s and women’s rugby, and the club is open to players of different sizes and all levels of experience. No players are cut from the team, and every team member will have the opportunity to play.

A University that Supports Your Team
The club receives an annual stipend to help offset player costs, and players have dedicated practice and playing fields.

A Competitive Lineup
The Lander Rugby Club is a member of the Southern Rugby Conference League. This NCAA Division I-AA league ensures that the rugby team is matched up against top competition each week of play. USA Rugby recognizes this league as a Division II league and, as such, the team competes each year for a national championship.

The Southern Rugby Conference is divided into an Eastern and Western division. Lander’s Western division competition includes Appalachian State University, Furman University, College of Charleston, The Citadel, UNC Charlotte and Western Carolina University.

In the non-competitive season, Lander’s rugby team schedules games against Division I schools including the University of South Carolina, Clemson University and teams from other regions, such as Wake Forest University, Georgia Southern University and the University of Tennessee.

A Sport for All Seasons
League competition takes place throughout the spring, with the Division II champion taking on other territory champions of the USA Rugby South. The winner of this tournament then goes on to compete for a national championship against other territory champs.

In addition to competing for a national championship in the spring, players tryout each fall for the collegiate select side. Those selected to play on this team will travel to compete against the other select sides from the USA Rugby South territory and could even be chosen to compete on the USA Rugby South select side, the national team the USA Eagles, and/or the Collegiate All-American team.

Learn More
For information about Lander Rugby, contact club adviser and coach T.D. Maze at 864-388-8153 or e-mail You can also visit the Lander Rugby Club Website.