Refund Policy*

Summer School

No refund of tuition and fees will be made after 5:00 p.m. on the second day of class.

Fall/Spring Semesters 

When a student leaves the University before the end of a fall or spring semester, voluntarily or through dismissal, University fees will be refunded as follows. (Lander students receiving Title IV funds are governed by a federally mandated pro-rata refund policy.)

Last day for registration and drop/add 100%
before expiration of 12% of the semester 90%
before expiration of 25% of the semester 50%
before expiration of 50% of the semester 25%
The date on which a student files written notice of withdrawal with the Office of the Registrar is the date used in determining refund.

* Conditions for refunds of room and board and breakage deposits are listed on Residence Hall Contract.

Conditions for refunds to students whose tuition and fees are paid by certain types of financial aid are set forth in the Lander University Catalog.

Important Notice
Students who receive Title IV Funds (Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Loans (Unsub or Sub) or Federal Direct Parent Plus Loans) and withdraw completely from the University are subject to the Return of Title IV Funds regulations. Students with funds from any of these programs "earn" their financial aid dollars while enrolled.  If a student withdraws prior to completing 60% of a term, a pro-rated portion of the federal financial aid dollars must be considered "UNEARNED" and returned to the federal programs. Unearned financial aid dollars, which have to be returned to the federal aid programs, could cause students to owe the university a significant amount upon withdrawal.

In addition to the amount of federal aid that Lander must return, students who received financial aid for other educational costs, including off-campus living expenses, may be required to repay a portion of those funds to the federal programs.  Failure to return aid due to the federal aid programs will result in loss of eligibility for federal financial aid assistance.

Federal aid funds to be returned are distributed to the programs in the following order:

Unsubsidized Federal Direct Student Loan
Subsidized Federal Direct Student Loan
Perkins Loan
Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan
Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

No refunds or reductions of basic charges will be made due to a change in status (e.g. from full-time student to part-time student) after the last day for registration and drop add for the fall and spring semester

No reductions from any charges are made for holidays or for absence from the University. A boarding student will pay full charges for meals, regardless of the number of meals taken in the dining hall.

In order to receive academic credits, grade reports, transcript of record or degree, a student's indebtedness to the University must be settled, and the student must account satisfactorily for all property entrusted to the student's care.

It is further the policy of the University that any outstanding balance due to the University after the student ceases to be enrolled is subject to referral for collection. The student will be responsible for the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.3% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees we incur in such collection efforts.  By providing your telephone number, you are agreeing and giving express consent that Lander University or anyone working on their behalf, including third party vendors, may contact you at the number provided by manually dialing the number or by using automated dialing technology.

When a student withdraws completely from the University, funds paid to the student's account may be prorated, refunded, returned, or removed. Funds will be returned in the following order.

1. Title IV (federal) funds (as prescribed by law)
2. State funds

a. SC Need-Based Grant
b. LIFE/Palmetto Fellows
c. Teacher's Loan Program
d. Teaching Fellows Program

3. Institutional funds
4. Other funds

In some circumstances, funds paid to the student's account may be refunded to the student after the account balance has been satisfied and appropriate funds have been returned. However, the amount refunded to the student cannot exceed the amounts credited to the account through the combination of loans, cash payments, and/or federal grants. Excess funds from state and institutional programs will be returned to the appropriate agencies. Funds from private sources will be returned as prescribed by the funding source.

Students are not eligible to register for future terms if they have an outstanding balance with the university.