Book Buy-Back

Textbook Buy Back always occurs each day of exams at the end of the semester. (Dates and times are posted on information boards around campus.)

How we determine what to buy back and the value of your textbooks

Textbooks for which we have a valid adoption request from the faculty for the next semester can be purchased for up to 50 percent of the price you paid for the book provided...

  1. We do not already have enough copies of the book in stock.
  2. The book is in good condition. Books in poor condition will have reduced or no value.
  3. The book is in the current edition. When publishers revise a book to a new edition, the former edition is then an “old edition” and is either worthless or greatly reduced in value.

Study guides, workbooks, reference books and most prepriced paperback books have reduced value. Study guides and workbooks must be relatively clean and have no missing pages. Books with excessive highlighting have reduced or no value.

We may also be able to purchase your books for which we have no adoption request. There is a nationwide demand for textbooks that may be used on other campuses. The price we offer for these books is based on nationwide supply and demand, and can range from zero to 30 percent of the new price. This is called “wholesale price.”

A Word of Caution

Please do not leave your textbooks, book bags, backpacks or other personal valuables unattended even for a few minutes. It takes only a moment for a thief to pick up your belongings and be gone. At the end of the semester during book buy-back we seem to have a high number of reports of book theft.

Do not mark in your textbooks until you are sure you will be keeping them. When you are sure, identify each of your books in a special way other than just writing your name in the front (that can be torn out). We suggest choosing a page number that is common to all your books and write your name or initials on that page in each book. That way you have only to remember the one page number. We must be able to positively identify a stolen book before it can be returned to you.