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Address Update

Alumni can update their mailing address and/or e-mail address by calling (864)388-8351 or by e-mailing Debbie Dill at

If you get our voice mail when calling, please leave the following information: Full Name (including maiden name), year of graduation, street address/apartment number/PO Box, city, state and zip code.

Submit a Class Note

The Alumni Office is responsible for collecting information for the Alumni News Section of the Lander Magazine. We encourage alumni to submit information for the Magazine. Listed below are the various kinds of information that is included.

  • Class Notes – this section includes news related to retirements, career changes/promotions, awards received, etc. Please include your full name (including maiden), year of graduation, city where you live, and all important facts related to your news.
  • Weddings – Include the full name of the alumni, maiden name, year of graduation, spouse's name, city where wedding occurred, job title/occupation/place of employment, city where you currently reside.
  • Births – Include full name of alumni, maiden name, spouse’s name, city where you live, indicate son or daughter, baby’s full name, date of birth/year, job title/occupation/place of employment of alumni, names of other children.
  • Deaths – Include full name of deceased alumni, maiden name, year of graduation, date of death, city where deceased lived, information about occupation/career, church/club memberships, names of surviving members of immediate family (if surviving member is Lander alumni please indicate year of graduation).
  • Condolences – Full name of alumni, year of graduation, relationship to deceased, date of death.

Please submit your class notes to:
The Office of Alumni Affairs - 320 Stanley Avenue, Campus Box 6004, Greenwood, SC 29649 - (864)388-8351 or e-mail Debbie Dill, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs at

Refer A Student

As Lander University alumni, you are our best resources for recruiting students to Lander. Below are two opportunities for you to help us spread the word about Lander to prospective students.

  1. You may recommend a student by completing a card and returning it to the Office of Admissions. In turn, we will place the student(s) you recommend on our mailing list to receive up-to-date information about Lander University. Hopefully, they will decide, as you did, to attend Lander.
  2. You may recommend a student and have the student's application fee waived by providing the applicant with a fee waiver card. The waiver must accompany the student's application at the time it is submitted.
Both cards are available from the Alumni Office at (864)388-8351 or e-mail