Students with Disabilities

General Information

All accommodations are implemented according to ADA regulations. The Student Wellness Center of Lander University serves as the advisors for students with disabilities. They are the point of initial contact for all students with disabilities. The Student Wellness Center notifies the faculty of the appropriate accommodations, assures that students receive the necessary physical accommodations based on their medical condition, and stores all documentation relevant to students' disabilities.  Based on the students accommodations provided by the Student Wellness Center, the Academic Success Center provides the classroom and testing accommodations for students with disabilities.

Students with disabilities must contact:
Kim Shannon, Disabilities Coordinator
Phone: 864-388-8885

Placement Testing

Accommodations will be made for physically disabled students or those with certified learning disabilities. Students requiring accommodations should call ahead so that arrangements may be made through the Academic Success Center (864)-388-8460, located in Genesis Hall.