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Lander Police Officers Commended for their Service

December 07, 2017

By Deb Nygro

LUPD - Officers Commended by State House
In appreciation of those who work tirelessly to protect and serve, the South Carolina House of Representatives recognizes first responders and law enforcement officers who dedicate their service for over twenty years.

Rep. John McCravy, III of House District 13 recently awarded certificates of Commendation to Police Chief Eddie Briggs, Lieutenant Roger Collins and Corporal Jim Black.  All serve on the police force of Lander University.

“Lander is a huge part of our thriving community and I appreciate the people who have dedicated their time and energy to keeping Lander safe.” McCravy said during the presentation.

Chief Eddie Briggs
Employed with Lander since 2004 and in law enforcement since 1984, Police Chief Eddie Briggs is commended for his 29 years of devoted service to law enforcement in the state of South Carolina.  Chief Briggs previously served as a Lieutenant with the Greenwood City Police Department where he worked as a detective and trained officers in the use of fire arms, defense tactics and driving.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the House of Representatives and Rep. McCravy.” Chief Briggs said after the ceremony. “Few people fully realize the depth of duties that our officers and staff handle. We are a law enforcement agency sworn to protect the community and I am proud to work with such fine and professional people.”
LUPD - Eddie Briggs
Lieutenant Roger Collins
Employed with Lander since 2012 and in law enforcement since 1988, Lt. Roger Collins is commended for his 29 years of superb service to the state. Before joining the university's police force, Lt. Collins served as Corporal for the South Carolina Highway Patrol where he was certified as a Multidisciplinary Accident Investigator and Reconstructionist.
LUPD - Lt. Roger Collins

Corporal Jim Black
Employed with Lander since 2016, Corporal James “Jim” Black is commended for 20 years of service. Prior to Lander, Cpl. Black served in multiple law enforcement agencies including the Clinton Department of Public Safety,  Presbyterian College Police and the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services.
LUPD - Cpl Jim Black