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Motivational speaker uses compassion and humor to deliver serious message

September 22, 2017

By Jill Franklin

Alcohol abuse can interfere with a college student's education with negative outcomes such as poor academic performance, property damage, injuries, deaths, and unprotected sex. By using playful humor and hard facts, motivational speaker Elaine Pasqua quickly caught the attention of more than 600 students attending a program at Lander University in mid-September.

"Sex and Excess: Surviving the Party" packed the auditorium of the Abney Cultural Center on Sept. 21 as students from sororities, fraternities, athletics and other organizations engaged in learning about the effects of alcohol on decision-making skills.

Pasqua’s expertise in high-risk drinking, sexual assault, sexual health, diversity and inclusion, and drug abuse resonated throughout the night. The energetic program brought students on stage to interact in scenarios depicting how easily sexual infections can be transmitted.