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Local legislators briefed on Lander's current and long-range plans

December 03, 2015

Lander University President Richard Cosentino hosted a breakfast meeting with eight members of the Lakelands region Senate and House delegation on Dec. 3. Cosentino discussed the university’s plans for the future, including increasing enrollment, and the target areas for its long-range strategic plan. He also gave them an overview of the budget requests the university will submit to next year’s legislative session. Cosentino told the lawmakers, “Lander is a great institution. We have big plans and big ambitions to make the university grow and prosper.”

Legislator's breakfast 2015 resize 

Pictured left to right: Rep. Shannon Riley; Sen. Billy O’Dell; Rep. Mike Anthony; Sen. Floyd Nicholson; Rep. Anne Parks; Lander President Richard Cosentino; Sen. Danny Verdin; Rep. Craig Gagnon; Rep. Mike Pitts; and Adam Taylor, Lander’s vice president for Governmental Relations.