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Moran Plaza Renovation Update

October 01, 2015

Renovation of Moran Plaza between the Grier Student Center, Carnell Learning Center and Jackson Library is scheduled to begin the week of Oct. 12, with completion expected in eight months.

It is the second stage of the main entrance reconstruction, and it will be undertaken in three phases. The plaza will remain open, but certain doors and walkways will be closed temporarily. Directional signs will be posted and construction areas fenced off. Each phase will reopen before work on the next phase begins.

Phase 2A -This phase will address the area between the Cultural and Learning centers; and an area between Chipley Hall, Jackson Library and the Learning Center (approximately 60 days). The following access points will be closed:

*Cultural Center exterior doors near the band room, exiting into the plaza;

*Learning Center lower-level exterior doors and ramp, exiting into the plaza;

*Library ramp adjacent to Chipley Hall and plaza flag poles, leading to Library front entrance;

*The walkway behind Chipley, leading to the plaza.

The front steps of the Library will remain open.

 Phase 2B- Moran Plaza (approximately 120 days)

*The second-level exit of the Learning Center onto the plaza and the sloped ramp directly across from the Jackson Library will be closed;

*The front steps of the library will be closed, however the newly rebuilt ramp on the Chipley  Hall side will be open;

*The existing area between the library, Learning Center, and Grier Student Center will be closed, but the doors to Johnston Commons by the Bearcat Shop will remain open.

 Phase 2C- Moving toward Sproles (approximately 60 days) The following access points will be closed:

*The exterior doors of Johnston Commons exiting onto the plaza, near the Bearcat Shop;

*The lower level exterior doors of Jackson Library to the plaza, across from the Sproles    Center and outdoor swimming pool;

*The area from the intersection of Sproles Avenue and Lawson Street, to a point beyond the front of Jackson Library. An alternate route from the Sproles parking lot to the steps behind the  library, leading to the Science Building and Chipley Hall, will be open.

Jeff Beaver, director of Engineering Services and Facility Operations, said care has been taken to keep disruptions to a minimum while maximizing access to critical building entrances. He cautions that trucks and other construction equipment will be escorted as they travel back and forth across the plaza from Lawson Street to protect pedestrians.

 The general contractor is Hogan Construction Group and the architect is Craig Gaulden Davis. New concrete and brick pavers will be installed to improve pedestrian circulation and ensure that all walkways and building approaches comply with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. The rebuilt plaza will provide access for large firefighting vehicles with ladder apparatus to reach buildings facing the plaza. Plans also call for a trickling creek waterfall and new lighting.