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Countybank and Lander University Launch Internship Program for Business Students

September 14, 2015


The Countybank and Lander University connection illustrated. From left: Sam Tolbert, associate professor of business administration and director of business internships at Lander; Melanie Darley, compliance manager, Lander Class of 2001; Whitley Rawls, human resources administrator, Lander Class of 2011, Geoff Crocker, senior credit officer, Lander Class of 1999; Chrissy Wiles, teller, Lander Class of 2008; Jason Boling, financial support manager, SC Banker’s School, Class of 2014; Erica Spann, teller, Lander Class of 2014; Angie Simpson, VP for human resources at Countybank; and Sadie Erwin of University Advancement.

An already strong partnership between Countybank and Lander University will become even more impactful for business students with the launch of a new internship program set to begin during the Fall 2015 term.

 “The internship program with Countybank is an extension of the emphasis upon financial services installed by the Lander Business Department two years ago. This initiative will provide Lander business students with tangible real-world experience in a locally owned bank that offers virtually everything in terms of financial services for its customers,” explained Sam Tolbert, associate professor of business administration and director of business internships at Lander.

As with practically any other industry, there are numerous sectors within the typical banking and financial services setting, including bank teller, human resources, loan officer, financial analyst and manager, investment broker and commercial loan manager. Knowing how those sectors operate independently yet contribute to the overall operation of the bank is critical to career advancement.

“Lander’s internship program will definitely provide its students with a leg up in terms of experience over their peers,” said Angie Simpson, vice president for human resources at Countybank. “Several of our managers began as tellers, so the Lander students will be getting an even earlier head start on their careers.”

Countybank and Lander have long enjoyed a partnership that has shown itself in the form of financial scholarships and employment of graduates. The internship program will strengthen those bonds of community with more graduates working in Greenwood and serving their neighbors. 

That sense of community has been an integral part of Countybank’s mission and service since its inception in 1933. Some 82 years later, Countybank remains locally owned, and is operating in the Greenwood and Greenville communities as an all-encompassing financial services provider.

Lander is quickly becoming known as the go-to place for development in the banking industry. In July, 130 employees of banks from throughout the state visited Lander to take part in the SC Bankers Association’s annual Banker’s School. It was the sixth consecutive year that Lander had served as the host site for the week-long event.