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Chinese University Educators Visit Lander

December 09, 2014

Three educators and administrators from Sanda University in Shanghai, China, visited Lander University Dec. 2-3 to reaffirm a relationship that enables student exchanges between Sanda and Lander. Sanda is one of the 20 colleges and universities that Lander has signed academic agreements with since March of 2011. Six Sanda students are currently enrolled at Lander.

Sanda was founded in 1992 as the first full-time private university in China providing undergraduate degrees, and it has an enrollment of 15,000 full-time students.

Dr. Robert Barrett, dean of Lander’s College of Business and Public Affairs; Dr. David Slimmer, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics; Po Hu, dean of International Studies; and Jeff Constant, director of International Students and Scholar Services, met with the Sanda representatives.

Barrett and Slimmer noted that they visited the Chinese university two years ago and expressed their appreciation for the collaboration between the two schools. Barrett said Lander is happy to have Sanda students on its campus and he described them as hard working and conscientious.

During a one-hour meeting with the Chinese educators, Barrett, Slimmer and Hu explored possibilities for greater academic cooperation between Sanda and Lander.

Members of the Sanda delegation were Zhang Zengtai, vice president for Academic Affairs and Provost; Wei Liu, director of the Office of Finance; and Zhenhua Huang, director of the Evaluation Office.