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Lander, PTC Create New Gateway Into Nursing

December 05, 2014
As the need for more highly skilled nurses continues to rise, Piedmont Technical College and Lander University are joining together to help meet the demand for this profession in South Carolina. The two institutions recently signed an articulation agreement that will provide a new gateway for students with an associate degree who would like to continue their education with a bachelor’s of science in nursing (B.S.N.).

This partnership will allow students to complete the associate degree nursing program at Piedmont Tech and then seamlessly transfer to Lander University’s online Registered Nurse (R.N.) to B.S.N. option. This agreement will assist the state in achieving its goal of increasing the number nurses with a B.S.N. to 80 percent by 2020.

"For many years, we have wanted to create a seamless transition to Lander University for our associate degree in nursing students,” said Tara Harris, dean of nursing at PTC. “We want our students to graduate from South Carolina universities, especially when it’s our neighbor. This is a big stride in the right direction.”

“There is a goal within the nation to increase the number of bachelors-prepared nurses,” said Dr. Robbie South, director of the School of Nursing at Lander. “We really wanted to work and have a smooth transition from the program at Piedmont Tech to our program so that we can increase the number of B.S.N graduates in Greenwood and the surrounding counties that we serve.”

Students who are admitted to an associate degree program of study at Piedmont Technical College and meet minimum requirements will receive a guaranteed seat in Lander’s online program. The agreement provides a greater degree of flexibility for students who wish to enroll in the R.N. to B.S.N. program.

“These two institutions have been noted to do many things together and this is just another excellent partnership between the two schools,” said Dr. Daniel Ball, president of Lander University.

“I think the synergy between the two programs will give a unique perspective to the students who come through,” said Dr. Ray Brooks, president of Piedmont Tech. “This will help the students and the community and it will be good for the colleges.”

The agreement between the nursing programs is just the first step Piedmont Technical College and Lander University are looking to take. The agreement is paving the way for more transfer options in the future.

“I look forward to this agreement for not only what it will do for our nursing program, but for how it will serve as a nice bridge for more of our programs in the future,” said Dr. David Slimmer, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at Lander.

For more information on Lander’s School of Nursing, contact the Office of Admissions at 864-388-8307. To learn more about the PTC nursing program, go to or call 864-941-8724.