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Lander, Piedmont Tech sign Honors-to-Honors transfer agreement

November 19, 2014
Two-year and four-year colleges and universities in the region often work together to help students transition between schools in various ways. This type of collaboration allows students to build a strong foundation through associate degree programs before making an easy transition into a Baccalaureate curriculum. Recently, Lander University and Piedmont Technical College bolstered their existing transfer partnerships by signing an agreement that will offer honors students a new path to realizing a high level of achievement at both institutions.

The new articulation agreement will allow students in Piedmont Tech’s Honors Program to seamlessly transfer into Lander’s Honors College.

“Since our program is brand new we are very happy to be partnering with Lander University so soon,” said Kathryn Brackett, director of Piedmont Tech’s Honors Program. “We definitely want to offer as many opportunities to our students as we can and this is just a huge benefit for them in terms of cultivating their academic experience and helping them move toward their academic goals.”

Through the agreement, students who complete the Piedmont Tech Honors Program with the endorsement of the Honors Program director and a 3.25 GPA or higher at the time of transfer to Lander will receive guaranteed admission to the Lander University Honors College. Students may also count PTC honors courses toward their Lander Honors College core courses. PTC honors students are also invited to propose a conference presentation at Lander’s annual Academic Showcase.

The goal of both programs is to provide students with a more rigorous curriculum along with a community of like-minded peers.

“An honors college or an honors program is all about creating challenges for students,” said Dr. Lillian Craton, director of Lander’s Honors College. “We at Lander really respect the rigor and the challenge that Piedmont Tech presents to its students, and we are excited to offer them one more challenge: to continue their education after achieving their first higher-education goal.”

Beyond the honors agreement, officials at both schools understand the importance of this kind of collaboration and how it benefits both institutions, students and the community.

“Four-year schools and two-year schools must partner for both to be successful,” said Dr. Daniel Ball, Lander president. “We’ve had many transfer students from Piedmont Tech, and they have turned out to be some of our better students. Anytime we can improve opportunities for our students, both institutions are interested in doing that.”

Dr. Ray Brooks, PTC President, added that the region is fortunate to have Lander and Piedmont Tech as resources for higher learning. “Everywhere we can make a connection for PTC students that provides additional educational opportunities through Lander is a win-win situation for the community, the students and the state,” he said.

Overall, the agreement is an example of continued efforts by both institutions to bridge programs and give students access to quality opportunities to achieve their academic goals close to home.

“I’m excited about this, not just for the symbol of it but the substance that it represents between the two schools,” said Dr. David Mash, Lander’s vice president for academic affairs. “It’s just a small part of a larger effort. I love that this ceremony is taking place at an early stage in this new era because it has to do with academic quality, and that is what we are both about.”

For information on Lander’s Honors College, contact the Office of Admissions at 864-388-8307. For information on Piedmont Tech’s Honors Program, contact Brackett at 864-941-8451 or