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Lander Faculty Promotions and Tenure Awards

November 12, 2014

Several Lander University faculty members have been awarded tenure and promoted in academic rank. The awards and promotions were announced by Dr. David Mash, Lander’s vice president for academic affairs and provost.

Newly-tenured and promoted were: Paula Haynes, assistant professor of nursing; Dr. Reed Gallo, associate professor of music; Jon Holloway, associate professor of art; Dr. Misty Jameson, associate professor of English; Dr. Jason Lee, associate professor of biology; Dr. Leslie Myers, associate professor of nursing; Dr. Lucas McMillan, associate professor of political science; Dr. Michael Murphy, associate professor of education; Dr. Leisa Myers, associate professor of nursing, and Dr. Marie Nix, professor of psychology and chair of the Department of Psychology.

Three tenured faculty members were promoted to the rank of professor: Dr. Jennifer Maze and Dr. T.D. Maze, both professors of biology; Dr. Paige Ouzts, professor of physics; and Dr. William Ramsey, professor of history.

Also awarded tenure were Dr. Rebecca Cox-Davenport, assistant professor of nursing and Dr. Chuck Neufeld, associate professor of music.

Mash explained that academic tenure is one means of ensuring academic freedom and recognizing the contributions and potential contributions of outstanding faculty members to the mission of the institution. Tenure is an appointment without a time limit that can be terminated only under certain circumstances as outlined in the faculty handbook.

Excellence in teaching and collegiality are the main criteria considered for tenure, which is awarded by the university president. Faculty candidates must also demonstrate a strong track record of ongoing professional development, including scholarship, and service to the university and community.

Tenure candidates undergo performance evaluations by their deans, peers and students.