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Ice Bucket Challenges answered at Lander

August 27, 2014

Lander University President Daniel accepted a dare from the members of the university’s volleyball team and underwent the Ice Bucket Challenge, the national fad whose goal is to raise funds for ALS research. Athletic director Jeff May dumped a container filled with ice cold water over a seated Ball as members of the volleyball team and others cheered him on. Ball also challenged Jim Pfeiffer, president and CEO of Self Regional Healthcare, to follow his example and submit to the icy shower.

Jeff May, Kevin Pederson, head coach of Lander’s women’s basketball team and assistant coach DeCole Shoemate also accepted challenges and took turns dumping icy water on each other.

Lander President - Dr. Ball

Lander Women's Basketball Coach - Kevin Pederson

Lander Women's Basketball Assistant Coach - DeCole Shoemate