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Lander University President Daniel Ball announces plans for retirement in June 2015

March 07, 2014
Daniel Ball
Dr. Daniel Ball
Daniel W. Ball, 12th president of Lander University, has announced his plans to retire as president of the institution effective June 30, 2015. He has served as the university's chief executive officer since 2000. 

Ball discussed his intentions with the Lander University Board of Trustees at its March 4 meeting on campus. 

In a letter to the campus community, Ball said the decision came after several months of thoughtful deliberation and discussion with his family and university Trustees. 

"This next year will allow the Board and the University time to search for and select the next fortunate person to lead this institution and its incredibly dedicated people," he said. "I will continue to support the mission and goals of Lander University during this transition time - and beyond. Lander and the Greenwood community have been good to Marge and me, and for the sustained support of the Board and the faculty, staff and students, we will always be thankful."

Ball continued, "There is much work yet to be done, and I stand steadfast and ready to continue that work, tirelessly, until such time when I step down." 

During his tenure, President Ball has challenged the university community to work together to reaffirm, redefine and market the mission and vision of Lander University - a university where student achievement is the principal priority. Under his leadership, Lander has experienced expansion of academic, student affairs and athletic programs; growth in campus size and facilities; and an increase in the size and diversity of the student body. 

Jack Lawrence, chair of the Lander Board of Trustees, said, "Dr. Ball informed the Board of Trustees over a year ago of his desire to retire as president of our university. The Board would have preferred that he continue to serve forever; but, knowing that could not happen, we were able to persuade him to stay with us a year longer than he planned, to give us time to ensure a smooth transition to a new president."

Lawrence continued, "When he does leave the presidency, he will have served in that capacity for more than 15 years. Dr. Ball's list of accomplishments at the helm of the university is quite impressive; but it does not adequately express what he has meant to Lander, nor does it convey the feelings we on the Board of Trustees have for our president."

"His engaging manner, endearing spirit, driving enthusiasm and personal warmth make him not only a great president, but a very dear friend. History will show that Dan Ball is one of the best presidents Lander has ever had," Lawrence said. 

 Ball expressed his gratitude for the support he has received - both on campus and off - during his time as president. "Marge and I thank all of the people associated with Lander University, the Greenwood community and South Carolina for giving us this privilege of serving for 15 years."