New Faculty & Staff Overview

Lander University's Information Technology Services Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our campus community.

We are sure you have many questions about the IT services that will be available to you as a faculty/staff member at Lander University.

Campus Technology Orientation

Twice monthly, the ITS department offers a brief orientation session for new faculty and staff members. These sessions will give you a basic overview of the various systems used on campus and other technology resources. To view the schedule, please visit the ITS Technology Learning Center calendar for upcoming events.

E-mail Account

In order to activate your Lander University Web Mail account, you must have returned a signed contract to the Lander University Office of Human Resources. Once the Office of Human Resources notifies ITS that a signed contract has been received and it is within 60 days of the start of the first term specified on your contract, a university e-mail account will be established for you. Your username and password combination will be mailed to you and provided to the administrative assistant of your academic area.

Even before you set foot on Lander’s campus, you have access to your official Lander University E-mail account. This account can be accessed via the internet by pointing your browser to . You can access your Web Mail account from any computer with an internet connection via this web mail access.

You will be asked to provide your username and password when you log on to Lander University’s Web Mail Client. If you have not already received your username and password combination, please check to see that you meet the account establishment requirements.

You will have the opportunity to change your password when you arrive on campus and attend a new faculty orientation session.

Please note that use of your official Lander University E-mail account indicates that you have read and agreed to the Faculty & Staff E-mail Policy adopted by Lander University which is posted along with other important information on the ITS Policies web page.

Faculty Laptop Computer

As a full-time faculty member of Lander University, you will be issued a faculty laptop computer as an aid in carrying out university related activities.

New Faculty Laptop Orientations for the Fall Term will be scheduled just prior to the New Faculty Report date in August; however, if you are in the Greenwood area early and would like to receive your faculty laptop computer before this date, please contact Kelly Hughes, the Customer Support Coordinator for ITS, either via e-mail or at (864) 388-8713 to set up an orientation appointment. Please set up an appointment in advance, especially if you only plan to be in the area for a few days. (Please note that ITS will make every effort to prepare and configure your laptop at a date of your convenience; however, your laptop may not be immediately available.)

Other Questions

Once again, welcome to the Lander University community. If you have additional questions about IT services that will be available to you, please do not hesitate to contact ITS directly and identify yourself as a new faculty or staff member. We look forward to working with you!