University of Winchester

The University of Winchester (UW) is a small university located in a small city approximately 65 miles southwest of London. Winchester is one of the oldest cathedral cities in England. It was the capitol for Saxon and Norman kings and the center of King Alfred's Wessex. Jane Austen lived and wrote here and is buried in Winchester Cathedral.

The university serves 5,500 students, 250 of whom are international students from over 30 countries. The university is a 10-minute walk from the railway station and a 20-minute walk from Winchester Cathedral and the town center. London's Waterloo station is an hour away by train, and there are usually four trains each hour. Take a subway across London to the St. Pancras station, and Paris is less than 3 hours away via the Eurostar train (185 mph) through the Channel Tunnel.

New international students at UW attend an Orientation Program before the start of the semester. The program gives students a chance to settle in, participate in a Britain Today program, make friends, and meet their lecturers. All students become members of the Society for International Students that organizes a variety of social events. Fifty-nine Lander students have studied at the University of Winchester since the fall of 2006. Six 2012 spring semester Lander students are among the students appearing in the video above.

Winchester Study Abroad BrochureFor additional information please click here to see The Winchester Experience for American Students brochure.

APPROXIMATE COST: $5820 tuition + $2875 for room and part-board (provides a five-day/week declining balance meal plan) + $300 food + $1300 incidentals + $135 passport + $1170 airfare = $11600 (compare to the estimated $10750 for a semester at Lander during 2013-2014).

APPLICATION DEADLINES (through Lander's Study Abroad Office):

  • for the fall semester: early April
  • for the spring semester: Mid-October

Note that you must have a GPA of 3.0 at the time you apply.

HOW TO APPLY TO ATTEND THE UNIVERSITY OF WINCHESTER AS A VISITING STUDENT: For everything that you need to know and do, click here. Note that college in the UK is only three years long. Modules numbered 1xxx are equivalent to our sophomore courses, modules numbered 2xxx are equivalent to our junior courses, and modules numbered 3xxx are equivalent to our senior courses. Please note that the instructors of 3xxx modules assume that students have senior standing and previous coursework in the subject of that module. You should choose four preferred modules and also choose four backup modules in case a module is full or is not taught for some reason.

TRANSFERRING UW COURSE MODULES BACK TO LANDER: Over 170 UW course modules have already been taken by Lander students and transferred back to Lander. For the listing of these modules and the equivalent Lander courses click here. Students who wish to take UW modules not already listed on the Lander transfer listing should have them pre-approved for transfer by the appropriate Lander department chair. Please use the Transfer of International Credit form that is found on the forms page of the Registrar's web site.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Lander students study at the University of Winchester each semester. They travel to the UK in a group accompanied by a member of the Lander faculty (who stays for a few days and then returns to Lander). For detailed information please contact Dr. DeWitt Stone, Director of Study Abroad, telephone (864) 993-7866, or email