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  • Student travels to impoverished African nation, returns a rich man

    It was election day in Zimbabwe when Lander University senior Kyle Hicks of Central got off a plane in that country last summer. In fact, it was a runoff in a heated contest for Zimbabwe's presidency. The slate had been forcibly narrowed down to one candidate, the current president Robert Mugabe. The election had been one of many violent and turbulent times for the Zimbabwean people, a nation drowning in a sea of economic turmoil.
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  • Professor highlights European pilgrimage in next Distinguished Speaker lecture

    For some a pilgrimage might entail jumping in the car in search of the former home of the King of Rock and Roll. The word itself, pilgrimage, might conjure images of John "the Duke" Wayne as he leans over to Jimmy Stewart's character in the film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and famously refers to him as "pilgrim." But, beyond Wild West newcomers and Graceland seekers, the pilgrimage has its roots in spirituality and self-discovery.
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