Robert T Barrett

Robert T. Barrett

Dean, College of Business & Public Affairs
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U. (1984)
M.B.A., East Carolina University (1978)
B.S.B.A., University of North Carolina (1976)

Phone: (864) 388-8775

College: College of Business & Public Affairs
Department: School of Management

Course Num Course Title
BA-225 Intro. to Analytical Methods

  • South Carolina's Potential Cigarette Tax Revenue in Palmetto Review. (2009)
  • The South Carolina Education Lottery: Determinants of Revenue in Palmetto Review. (2006)
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  • Analyzing Court System Congestion with Q-GERT Network Modeling and Simulation in Computers & Operations Research. (1982)

PROCEEDINGS - Refereed (Full Paper)
  • Problem Solving in the Workplace through Application of Business Knowledge and Quantitative Methods in Southeast Decision Sciences. (2013)
  • Factors Influencing Obesity in Southeast Decision Sciences. (2013)
  • Challenges in Implementing the Assurance of Learning Program in Southeast Decision Sciences. (2012)
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