Jean  Paquette

Jean Paquette

Professor Emeritus of History
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles (1987)
M.A., UCLA (1983)
B.A., UCLA (1982)
A.A., Santa Monica College (1978)

MON: 10-11/1:30-2:30   TUE: 9-10   WED: 10-11/1;30-2:30   THU: 9-10  

Course Num Course Title
HIST-101 Western Civilization to 1600
HIST-103 World Since 1918
HIST-113 The U.S. Since 1933
HIST-121 World Civilizations to 1600
HIST-201 Intro to the Study of History
HIST-307 Vietnam: A Thousand Yr Revolut
HIST-308 Hitler/Rise of the Third Reich
HIST-326 Ancient World - Study Abroad
HIST-343 Modern Britain
HIST-370 Modern East Asia
HIST-383 Warfare in Modern World
HIST-432 Thesis
HIST-441 The Sixties
HIST-441 British Empire
HIST-444 The Sixties
HIST-499 Thesis
PEES-176 Badminton

  • Charles Gutzlaff; the Chinese Union and the London Missionary Society. The Man on the Spot; Essays on British Emie History. Greenwood Press. (1995)
  • Walter Arnstein, Queen Victoria in History: Review of Books. (2004)
  • William M. Kuhn, Henry Ponsonby: Life at the Court of Queen Victoria in History: Review of Books. (2003)
  • Troung Buu Lam, Colianlism Experienced: Vietnamese Writings on Colonialism, 1900-1931 in History: Review of Books. (2001)
  • Qiang Zhai, China & The Vietnam Wars, 1950-1975 in History: Review of Books. (2000)
  • D. Royce Boyce, Colonization and the British 1775-1992 in History: Review of Books. (2000)
  • David Northrop, Indentured Labor in the Age of Imperialism in History: Review of Books. (1997)
  • David Marr, Vietnam 1945; The Quest for Power in History: Review of Books. (1996)
  • David Cannadine, Aspects of Aristocracy in History: Review of Books. (1995)
  • David Morse, High Victoiran Cutlure in History: Review of Books. (1994)
  • Clark R. Southeast Asia in the New International Era in History: Review of Books. (1993)
  • Monica Charlot in History: Review of Books. (1992)

  • Women Missionaries to China in the Early Eighteen Hundreds. Women's History Month program at North Greenville University. Greenville, South Carolina. (March, 2008)
  • Early Women Missionaries in China. Lander University's Distinguished Speaker Series. Greenwood, South Carolina. (March, 2006)
  • Victoria's Secret; The Creation of Royal Sphere. North American Conference of British History. Toronto, Canada. (October, 1994)
  • Ripping Away the Flag: The Experience of Two South Caroinian Women in the Vietnam Era. Vietnam Conference. Lubbock, Texas. (March, 1993)
  • His Wonders to Perform; Gutzlaff, Opium and the Opening of China. West Coast Conference of British Historian. Lake Arrowhead, California. (March, 1988)