M.M.C., University of South Carolina (1988)
M.F.A., University of Georgia (1972)
B.A., University of Houston (1965)
A.A., San Jacinto Community College (1963)

Course Num Course Title
ESL-102 Beginning Speaking & Listening
ESL-122 Intrmd Speaking & Listening
MEDA-101 Introduction to Mass Media
MEDA-201 Introduction to Mass Media
MEDA-302 Radio Production
MEDA-340 Television News Reporting
MEDA-350 Television Production
MEDA-421 Seminar in Media Law and Ethic
MEDA-450 Advanced Television Production
MEDA-490 Internship in Media Services
SPCH-101 Speech Fundamentals
THTR-345 Integrated Arts Instruc: Drama
THTR-415 Play Directing
THTR-416 Play Directing Laboratory
THTR-499 Play Directing

  • Little Miss Christmas (Other Creative Activities). February, South Carolina, Greenwood 2007.
  • A Soldier's Journey (Show). October, South Carolina, Greenwood 2007.