Carl Robert Mentley

Carl R. Mentley

Professor of Spanish, Director of Study Abroad
Ph.D., Cornell University (1992)
M.A., Michigan State University (1983)
A.B., Michigan State University (1980)
A.B., Michigan State University (1980)

Course Num Course Title
HONS-210 Honors Travel Laboratory
HONS-389 Directed Independent Study
HONS-390 The Age of Pilgrimage
HP-111 Intern'l Issues in Arts/Humani
IDSA-300 IDS Studies Away - Winchester
IDSA-301 Study Abroad - Ireland
SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish
SPAN-102 Elementary Spanish
SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN-212 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN-280 A Taste of Spain
SPAN-280 Writing Workshop
SPAN-305 Spanish Grammar/Composition
SPAN-306 Spanish-American Civilization
SPAN-307 Spanish Civilization
SPAN-308 Hispanic Civilizations
SPAN-314 Survey of Spanish Literature
SPAN-380 La Iglesia bajo Franco
SPAN-380 Senior Research
SPAN-403 Investigacion de Grammatica
SPAN-480 Cultura Gastronoica Espanola
SPAN-480 Hispanic Cultures
SPAN-480 Contemporary Spanish Society
SPAN-490 Internship in Spanish
SPAN-499 Senior Project

  • Whose Camino Is It? (Re)defining Europe on the Saint James Pilgrimage. The Camino de Santiago in the 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Global Views. Peter Lang. (2013)

PROCEEDINGS - Not Refereed (Full Paper)

  • Mesa Redonda sobre Multiculturalidad (Round Table on Multiculturalism) in IX Congreso Internacional de Asociaciones Jacobeas. (2012)

  • 'The Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle and its World Heritage Sites' slideshow. (Other Creative Activities). March, South Carolina, Charleston 2011.