Department of Music

Lila D Noonkester Lila D. Noonkester (Chair)
Associate Professor of Music
Voice, Theory, Opera Workshop

Office: CC A365
Phone: (864) 388-8348

Amy  Blackwood Amy Blackwood
Lecturer of Music
Staff Accompanist, String Ensemble

Office: CC A360
Phone: (864) 388-8662

Reed P. Gallo Reed P. Gallo
Assistant Professor of Music
Trumpet, Brass Ensemble, Wind Ensemble

Office: CC A359
Phone: (864) 388-8345

Robert A Gardiner Robert A. Gardiner
Associate Professor of Music
Saxophone, Jazz Ensemble, Music Education

Office: CC 355
Phone: (864) 388-8236

Robert T Kelley Robert T. Kelley
Associate Professor of Music
Piano, Piano Ensemble, Music Theory, Composition, World Music

Office: CC A364
Phone: (864) 513-1593

Chuck  Neufeld Chuck Neufeld
Associate Professor of Music
Voice, Choral Ensembles, Music Education

Office: CC 362
Phone: (864) 388-8346