FALS Requirements

  1. Each undergraduate student is required to attend two FALS events per 15 hours completed at Lander University, not to exceed 15 FALS events. You will receive one semester hour of credit toward graduation when you complete your required number of events.
    Hours Completed at Lander
    105 hours or more
    90 to 104.5 hours
    75 to 89.5 hours
    60 to 74.5 hours
    45 to 59.5 hours
    30 to 44.5 hours
    29 hours or less
    FALS credit Required
    15 FALS
    12 FALS
    10 FALS
    8 FALS
    6 FALS
    4 FALS
    2 FALS
  2. Includes petitions for cultural events from university-sponsored travel and attendance at other off-campus events and exhibits (local museums, art galleries, etc.).
  3. Grant 4 automatic FALS credits for study abroad semester and additional FALS credits by petition.
  4. All FALS events require faculty sponsorship.