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Lander food service employees learn their way around campus

August 27, 2013
Food Services
Employees in Lander University's dining services were treated to lunch at the Jeff May Complex, concluding a scavenger hunt whose purpose was to familiarize them with the campus.
Employees in Lander University's Dining Services took part in a scavenger hunt on Aug. 21 as a way of learning more about the university and finding their way around the campus.

Food Service Director Nancy Goplerud said the employees were divided into eight teams and given a list of clues to find certain items. She said some of the people, including several who have worked at Lander for many years, are familiar only with the university's dining hall, never having ventured beyond to see more of the campus. 

Office administrator Claire Griffith said more than 85 employees work in Lander's dining services operation, which provides meals 14 hours a day, seven days a week. The purpose of the scavenger hunt was to stimulate team-building among the employees and to give them a perspective on a day in the life of Lander students, who are their customers. 

Goplerud asked one of her workers for his impression of the event. He replied, "College students walk a lot."

The event concluded with a picnic lunch at the Jeff May Complex on Montague Avenue. The dining services employees, who usually prepare and serve meals, were instead treated to a meal as guests.