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Lander University announces tuition and fee increases for 2013-2014

June 06, 2013
During their recent quarterly meeting, Lander University Board of Trustees members voted to approve increases to university tuition and fees for the 2013-2014 academic year. The adjustment included a 3.15 percent increase in tuition. 

As approved by the trustees, tuition for in-state undergraduate students will go up by $308, to $10,100, for the academic year beginning in September. Out-of-state students will pay tuition of $19,136, an increase of $584. 

"Raising tuition and fees is not an easy decision to make. Lander staff and administration continue to work hard to ensure these increases are minimal," said Lander President Dr. Daniel Ball. "Such increases are the only way we can maintain a balanced budget"

Ball also explained that the tuition increase is in line with the recommendation of Sen. Hugh Leatherman, of Florence, to all state-assisted colleges and universities. Leatherman, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, based his recommendation on the higher education price index, an inflation rate specific to colleges and universities.

In addition to higher tuition, fees for housing will go up by an average of 8 percent depending on the residence. University officials explained that housing increases were determined by comparing per-residence costs to the costs of similar housing at sister institutions, as well as to comparable housing in the city of Greenwood.

Food service costs will also increase by 5 percent. Some individual course fees will increase as well.

Chairman Ray Hunt reiterated Ball's sentiment that Lander and the Board of Trustees take raising tuition and fees very seriously. "Board members have discussed this issue at great length as a group and individually. Most of the board members have had, currently have, or will have children in college. Raising tuition and other fees is not a step that we take without great consideration."