H1N1 Flu

As you are likely aware, novel H1N1 (formerly known as “Swine Flu”) is now widespread throughout the world. Fortunately, the vast majority of cases are mild and, at this point, the H1N1 virus appears no more virulent or severe than most seasonal influenzas. Use the following information to learn more about H1N1 and how you can protect yourself against the illness.

Cases of novel H1N1 have not been widespread at Lander University, although the illness has appeared on many college campuses. More cases are expected on college campuses nationwide this fall, consistent with what is happening in public communities.

For many years, Lander has had emergency plans in place to address wide-ranging campus issues and health concerns. We have extended these preparedness efforts in order to respond to the H1N1 pandemic. Our Wellness Center and University Police receive regular input from the Greenwood County Health Department, DHEC and Self regional Healthcare regarding current health risks and concerns. We created a Pandemic Planning Committee in 2007 that includes members from Health Services, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Public Affairs, the University Police and many others. Lander has been involved in various state and community pandemic planning sessions, including a tabletop exercise with state-wide participation.

We strongly encourage all members of the Lander community to take the standard precautions adopted during the flu season—and to play an active role in our public health prevention efforts.