Student Activities Forms

Recognized student organizations may submit requests for Charter Renewals, Fundraisers and Community Service projects.   You may download a copy of the form from the list below, or pick up a form at the Office of Student Activities.  Return the completed form to the Office of Student Activities.

Fundraising Activities: 
- Fundraiser - Request (2014-2015)
- Fundraiser - Summary (2014-2015)

Community Service Projects:
- Community Service - Request (2014-2015)
- Community Service - Summary (2014-2015)

Organization Membership:
- Charter Renewal
- New Student Organization Form is available at the Office of Student Activities.

- Social Event Registration Form

- Event Protection Request Form is available at the Office of Student Activities.  Please inform your members and their guests that LUPD is working the event for their protection and safety.  At least one officer must be assigned for every 75-people expected to attend. LUPD reserves the right to adjust the number of officers depending on the type of event.