Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014All homecoming competitions revolve around representing the Lander spirit and embodying the theme of each year's Homecoming.  Community leaders are often called upon to volunteer as judges during these lively competitions.

2014 Theme:  Lander through the Decades
Celebrating 110-years in Greenwood.

Homecoming 2014 packet (PDF)

Homecoming Week:

Friday, February 14
Group banners representing Lander spirit and embody the Homecoming theme.  

Monday, February 17

Bearcat Showcase!  9:00pm in Horne Arena
You'll enjoy the creative talents of our students acting out skits they've written, focusing on Lander through the decades.

Tuesday, February 18
No Competitions.  
Take a Break on this day and use this time to study! 

Wednesday, February 19
Spirit Night!  5:00pm in Horne Arena
Homecoming Court Introduced during the games.
Show your Bearcat spirit and cheer the Lander University basketball teams to victory as they take on GRU Augusta at 5:30pm (women’s) and 7:30pm (men’s)!  Teams compete in a two-ball and three-point shootout following the games.  Online Voting begins for King & Queen.

Thursday, February 20
THINK FAST!  9:00pm in Horne Arena
This lively game show challenge is sure to work your brain. From pop culture to Lander University knowledge, we’ll see who has the smarts on the LU campus!

Friday, February 21
Soapbox Car Race.  4:00pm at PEES Circle.  
Don't miss this tradition of an imaginative Soapbox Race!  Teams display their custom-built Bearcat Soapbox cars before pushing them to the top of Willson Street.  Hundreds of fans line the street to cheer on the drivers as they race down the hill to determine which soapbox car is the fastest!  This is the last day for students to vote for their favorite King & Queen.

Saturday, February 22 - Homecoming Day!
Tailgating begins at 11:00am on CC-Lawn. This is a non-alcoholic event.  
Basketball Games begin at 1:30pm (women) and 3:30pm (men) at Horne Arena

Watch the mighty Bearcats take on North Georgia! Homecoming king and queen will be announced during the games!