Greek Life

Sorority- NPC Recruitment Week (August 27-31)
Fraternity- IFC Recruitment Week (Sept 15-18)

Greek life is an important part of the campus community at Lander University. Greek life offers unique opportunities for leadership as well as social and moral development. Lander Greek organizations purpose to enrich the educational experience of members while serving the greater community.

Lander Greek organizations are founded upon the pillars of: scholarship, service, leadership and friendship.

Just as every Lander student brings unique attributes to the campus, each Greek organization has unique strengths and identities. Lander has 11 prestigious Greek chapters, each governed by one of the three student-lead councils. Click on the links on the left side bar for a quick glance at the 3 Greek Councils and affiliated chapters.

Our Greek Guide will help you learn more about the identities of our Greek chapters, Greek FYIs and how to GO GREEK!

 Click here for a printable copy of the Greek Guide.