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Lander Leadership Conference (Sept 12-13)

Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 Lander

Leadership Conference

September 12-13th


Keynote Speaker, T.J. Sullivan: “The Apathy Myth & Motivating the Middle”


Friday, September 12



Saturday, September 13




Register Online: www.Lander.edu/GoTo/LLC



This year’s Lander Leadership Conference will be held September 12-13th.  Featuring keynote speaker, T.J. Sullivan, the conference empowers college students to take non-traditional approaches to advancing their organizations.

 Who is T.J. Sullivan?  He's a guy who has spoken to more than 2-million college students since 1992 on topics including: alcohol, sex, confrontation, and innovative leadership. He's a writer, a blogger, an overly-committed fraternity man and a thought leader on college student leadership. He's a dad, a husband, and a Broncos fan. He's honored you're here, and hopes you find something useful. 

Sullivan shows student leaders how to stop focusing on those who check-out or cause problems, and start focusing on those "middle third members" who hate drama, care for your organization, and prefer to play a supporting role. "Motivating the Middle" offers a simple, empowering strategy for student government officers, team captains, chapter presidents, club leaders, residence life staff, and other college students looking to make a difference on today's campuses.

The Lander Leadership Conference is mandatory for Presidents/Vice-presidents of all registered club/organizations at Lander University. Charter renewal processes along with room reservation processes will be addressed.  Please encourage your entire organization to attend this free Leadership Conference!