Student Jobs

Working in Jackson Library

Employment Application Policy for Student Positions
Please review the following information before applying for employment.
  1. A completed application must be submitted in order to apply for a vacancy. A résumé may not be substituted for the application; however, a résumé may be submitted as additional information.
  2. Applications will be accepted for currently advertised job vacancies only. The Jackson Library does not keep applications and/or résumé’s on file for future vacancies. (For a list of current campus openings visit:
  3. A separate application must be submitted for each position. The Jackson Library does not make copies of applications. It is suggested that the applicant make a copy of the original unsigned application after it is completed. Copies of applications with original signatures will be accepted.
  4. Due to the volume of applications received, individuals may not be notified when a vacancy is filled.

Jackson Library Student Employment Application