Library Instruction Lab

InstructingOur Library Instruction lab in Jackson Library primarily serves as a space for librarians to provide Lander students instruction in using library resources for their classes and for building information literacy skills. 

The lab is located on the Main Floor of the Jackson Library in Room 243 and contains 30 computers and a SMARTBoard.  If you would like to book the lab for a bibliographic instruction session please contact the coordinator of our program.  The room can also be booked for one-time use for supplemental classroom instruction; however, library bibliographic instruction sessions have priority over other requests.  If you’d like to schedule more than 2 consecutive sessions please contact Adam Haigh; an application form may be required.

Students use the lab for general computing when it is not in use for bibliographic instructions sessions.


The library offers instruction sessions to the university at large, with a primary emphasis on teaching students how to use our resources for their assignments.  The library works with the first-year English program to introduce incoming first-year students to the library and our services, and we provide instruction to many other courses within the majors, ranging from lower-level to advanced, upper-level research courses.  We tailor our instruction sessions to meet the specific demands of each class by working with the instructor to determine what the session should include. We often demonstrate how to use our databases, online catalog, and web guides to seek information on specific topics.  We also provide instruction related to finding credible information on the Internet, citations, borrowing materials from other institutions, and other information-seeking skills.  Courses within the majors are typically taught by the area's library liaison.  If you would like to schedule your class for instruction, please contact Adam Haigh or your department’s library liaison.