Library Display Policy


The Jackson Library is not primarily an exhibition space and its facilities are limited, however the library does have wall space, floor space and glass display cases available in our lobby for exhibition purposes. The library invites Lander University faculty and staff to propose special exhibits. All decisions as to the use of the cases are made by the Dean of the Jackson Library.

Any material displayed in the Jackson Library should be relevant to the University and its educational and philosophical mission. The Jackson Library assumes no responsibility for the artistic or intellectual content of any of its exhibits. The Jackson Library is a forum for the free exchange of ideas and does not act as a censor.

All exhibitors must observe the following requirements:

Display duration
The library does not have any permanent exhibitions. Materials on display should rotate out of the building during a time agreed upon in advance by the exhibitor and the Dean of the Library.

Display case location
All display cases are permanently located on the first floor of the library and cannot be moved.

The Jackson Library is not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of exhibited items.

All exhibits are required to have descriptive labels.  Flat labels mounted on foam-core or cardboard are recommended.

The Jackson Library cannot accommodate the storage of any artwork(s) before or after an exhibition.

Exhibitors should use their own supplies when creating displays. 

Perishable items
No perishable items can be accommodated in any of the exhibit areas.

No extra light, or lighting devices, can be provided or used in any exhibits.

No part of the cases or the lobby may be physically altered.

Receptions are not normally held in conjunction with exhibits.

Exhibitors must leave the cases and/or wall and floor space clean. All materials must be removed from the Jackson Library at the close of the exhibition.

The Jackson Library reserves the right to remove displays that do not conform to these requirements. Questions may be addressed to the Dean of Library Services.

*NOTE: This policy was adapted from the library display policy of Pratt University