Collection Development Policy


The library’s programs and services are designed to promote intellectual and physical access to the collection for members of the university community. The purpose of the collection development policy is to provide guidance for the selection of information resources that, within the limitations of space and budget, support the curricula of the university.  

Objectives of Collection Development

The primary objective of library collection development is to support the academic and educational programs of the university.  Priority is given to materials related to course offerings represented in the academic catalog.  The library also maintains a core collection of liberal arts resources in subjects beyond the topics taught on campus. Limited supplemental holdings are also provided to encourage cultural, general information, and recreational reading. In addition, the library collects items that relate to Lander University, the city of Greenwood, the region around Greenwood, and the state of South Carolina.

In order to preserve breadth and depth, collection development is pursued in a spirit of academic freedom.  Materials are not added or deleted on the sole basis of format or perspective.

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