The Naiad: A Monthly Journal of Christian Education

Series: LH 2008

Format: Original Print

Published in Williamston, South Carolina
Years Published: 1884 -1887

Scope and Content:

These folders contain issues of The Naiad: A Monthly Journal of Christian Education. Williamston Female College, in Williamston, SC, circulated the journal throughout Williamston and the region.  Rev. Samuel Lander, founder and president of the college, also served as the Naiad’s editor-in-chief.  Besides faculty members, The Naiad staff included students who were elected by the student body.  There were representatives, chosen by town pupils, boarding pupils, and the Erosophic Society, who actively participated in the publication and circulation process.  The publication reminded the community of Rev. Lander’s desire to set a moral example for the school and its surrounding area.  The paper provides selections of American literature and national news articles which coincided with Lander’s Christian ideals.  Issues also contain valuable historic information relating to the college and its operation, course descriptions, tuition and fees, faculty and alumni.

Box 9

Folder 1, Issues 1-5 (August-December 1884)
Folder 2, Issues 6-11 (January-June 1885)
Folder 3, Issues 12-17 (July-December 1885)
Folder 4, Issues 18-23 (January-June 1886)
Folder 5, Issues 24-29 (July-December 1886)
Folder 6, Issues 30-34 (January-May 1887)