The All-Together Club

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Background and History

Based in Williamston, South Carolina, the All-Together club began holding meetings in 1915. The ladies of three distinct Williamston clubs –the Samuel Lander Lyceum Association, the Civic League, and the School Improvement Society –voted to merge the three clubs into one All-Together Club. Each former club became its respective committee within the All-Together Club. The organization’s history shows that the Lyceum Association “would sponsor the literary element of our town, the Civic League [would be responsible] for town improvement and beautification, and the School Improvement Association [would focus on] better schools.” The club regularly met for forty-five years, holding lectures on art, music, and travel; working to improve the physical town of Williamston; participating in the women’s suffrage movement; financing and founding the Samuel Lander Memorial Library for the Williamston Grade School in 1926; and participating in many other local and state civic duties and functions. The All-Together Club joined the State Federation of Clubs in 1916 and the Anderson County Federation in 1925.

Scope and Content

The club records were donated to the Lander University Archives in 2011. These records reflect historical elements of both Williamston and Lander. The Samuel Lander Lyceum Association served as the local Williamston Female College Alumnae association in Williamston and strove to maintain strong educational component of the club. This component transferred with its members to the All-Together Club. Because Lander University’s history is intertwined with the histories of Williamston and Williamston Female College, the All-Together Club materials are housed in the University Archives at Lander University. They are organized under the Lander History archive series. The records include the club’s spending records, correspondence, histories, newspaper clippings and year books. The correspondence includes minutes from the monthly meetings, club rolls, reports, resolutions, and club-related letters written and received by club members.


Arranged in their respective sections, the individual items are arranged chronologically.

All Together Club Letter
1930 Letter
All Together Club Minutes
Meeting Minutes

Lander History 2011
All-Together Club

Club Correspondence

Box 1

  • 1904-1907 Williamston Female College Alumnae Association Minutes, Roll of Members,
    and Association Constitution
  • 1908-1916 Williamston Female College Alumnae Association Minutes, Roll of Members, and Constitution and By-Laws Of Samuel Lander Lyceum Association of Williamston, SC. Minutes reflect merger into All-Together Club on October 28th 1915
  • 1927-1930 Folder 1 All-Together Club Minutes, Reports, and Standing Committees
  • 1927-1930 Folder 2 All-Together Club Rolls and Resolutions
  • 1930-1930 All-Together Club Correspondence
  • 1931-1933 All-Together Club Correspondence
  • 1933-1938 All-Together Club Correspondence Folder 1
Box 2
  • 1933-1938 All-Together Club Correspondence Folder 2
  • 1940-1942 All-Together Club Correspondence 
  • 1947-1951 All-Together Club Correspondence 
  • 1952-1956 All-Together Club Correspondence
  • 1954 All-Together Club Correspondence 
  • 1957-1961 All-Together Club Correspondence Folder 1
  • 1957-1961 All-Together Club Correspondence Folder 2


Box 3
  • All-Together Club Constitution 
  • All-Together Club Histories
  • All-Together Club Newspaper Clippings 
  • All-Together Club Yearbooks: 1936-1960 
  • Williamston Cemetery List of War Veterans
Club Ledgers
Oversize Box 1

  • 1899-1914 Williamston Female College Alumnae Association and Samuel Lander
    Lyceum Association ledger
  • 1902-1915 Samuel Lander Lyceum Association Ledger
  • 1904 Williamston Female College Alumnae Association Ledger
  • 1906-1917 All-Together Club Ledger