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  • Malicious Email Message Alert

    by User Not Found | Oct 05, 2011

    malicious email warningITS has been notified that some Lander University email accounts have received a malicious email message titled Exceeded Email Quota.

    This is a phishing email and does not originate with Lander University's ITS Department.

    Be suspicious of any email you receive asking for confirmation of account information. Providing account information via email allows someone with malicious intent full access to your Lander account. Do not fall victim to a phishing scam such as this one.

    If you receive an email message like this, please do not reply. Do not click on links in email messages such as this one. Delete the message from your mailbox immediately.

    Lander University's ITS department will never request that you verify sensitive personal information such as passwords and/or date of birth via email and will not send emails with executable attachments.

    If you have any suspicions about the validity of an email that appears to come from an official address, please contact the institution by phone, in person, or through a secure means. Avoid sharing your personal information without good cause. Never share personal information via email. Do not open or save attachments from unknown sources.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (864) 388-8234.

    Thank you.
    Lander University ITS Department

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