Focus on Japan

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Celebrating the History, Culture
and Contributions of Japan

September 19 -23, 2011

Sponsored by: Lander University
With partial support from:
Fujifilm Manufacturing USA Inc.,
The City of Greenwood
The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership

Focus on Japan is part of Lander University’s Asian Initiative, opening doors for student and faculty exchanges between Lander and colleges and universities in South Korea and China. The weeklong celebration will spotlight many aspects of Japanese life, education, business and culture, and Japan’s contributions to global development. It will also promote international goodwill and friendship among the people of Japan and the United States.

Activities include lectures on Japanese history and language; tea ceremonies; dance, martial arts and origami demonstrations; a fashion show; and more. There will also be an update on Japan’s recovery from the March earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands and caused widespread destruction.

This is the first in what will be a series of programs at Lander focusing on internationalization and global change, bringing together students, scholars, and educators from around the world to learn more about each other's culture and engage in dialogue about shared interests and concerns for today and into the future.

Focus on Japan is a community celebration whose events are free and open to the public.