Senior Citizens

South Carolina residents at least sixty (60) years of age are permitted to attend classes at Lander on a space-available basis without payment of tuition with the proper documentation.  These students must be South Carolina residents and cannot receive compensation as a full-time employee.  Qualified residents are eligible to register on a space available basis on the first day of classes for each semester or summer session.

Admissions Checklist

Please note that no application fee is required for Senior Citizen students.

South Carolina Law
Section 59-111-320 of The Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended, authorizes state-supported colleges and universities, and institutions under the jurisdiction of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education to permit legal residents of South Carolina who have attained the age of sixty to attend classes for credit or noncredit purposes on a space available basis without the required payment of tuition, if these persons meet admission and other standards deemed appropriate by the college, university, or institution, and if these persons do not receive compensation as full-time employees.
Special Notes
Lander University further stipulates that the “no payment of tuition” opportunity may only be applied for the first attempt of a course. An exception will be given if the qualified resident is a degree-seeking student and repetition of a course is necessary for graduation requirements.
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at 864-388-8307, 1-888-4LANDER or