Non-Degree Students

Science Building StairwayTransient Students - current college students who wish to enroll in a Lander course and transfer the credit back to their home institution. Students will need a Coursework Approval Form from their home institution.

Senior Citizens - students over the age of 60, who wish to enroll in coursework, tuition-free, at Lander on a space available basis.

Concurrent Students - current high school students who wish to enroll in courses at Lander University while concurrently enrolled in high school.

Teacher Recertification - K-12 teachers who are seeking certificate renewal in their particular discipline or possibly in another discipline.

Auditing Courses - students who wish to enroll in a course for personal interest.

Special Students - students who wish to enroll in courses, but do not intend on earning a degree at Lander.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at 864-388-8307, 1-888-4LANDER or