Lander University Honors College

Global Scholars Program

Trinity College Dublin IrelandLander University believes that global understanding is important. Lander’s successful Study Abroad Program and its Honors College both support the goal of producing leaders who have experienced the culture of another country.

Each year, Lander will offer a fall or spring semester of study abroad —at no additional cost* — to up to 20 exceptional students. Applicants must:

  • Be accepted to the Lander University Honors College.
  • Submit the Global Scholars Application (by Feb 1 for travel the
    following year).
  • Complete the Honors gateway courses, HONS 210 & 211.
  • Earn at least 30 semester hours at Lander with a minimum cumulative
    GPA of 3.25.
    Note: Students currently enrolled in HONS 210/211 who anticipate earning 30 credit hours by the end of the semester may apply for the program and receive provisional acceptance pending completion of course work.
Each Global Scholar, with his or her adviser, will choose a study abroad experience appropriate to the student’s major from a list of programs approved by the Director of Study Abroad. A partial listing of presently approved study abroad programs includes:
  • University of Winchester (England)
  • University of Sussex (England)
  • Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina)
  • Universidad de Vina del Mar (Chile)
  • University of Rhodes (Greece)
  • Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
  • University of Barcelona (Spain)
  • Shanghai Normal University (China)
  • Sanda University, Shanghai (China)
  • University of Incheon (Korea)
For additional information, visit Lander's Study Abroad website.

Note that the intent of this program is for each participating student to spend a regular academic semester abroad. However, summer programs are available for students who are majoring in curricula (such as nursing) that do not allow a student to spend a regular semester away from Lander.

Lander will pay for the following:
  • Tuition at the host institution
  • Room and board to the host institution or to the program provider (or directly to the student if room and/or board are not available through the host institution or program provider)
  • Round trip airfare from Atlanta or Charlotte
  • Passport and Visa fees
Each Global Scholar will pay an amount (after his/her usual financial aid is applied) equal to:
  • Lander tuition and fees
  • The average cost of a room and the 21-meal plan at Lander
  • Incidentals, books etc. (presently estimated at $1600 for a typical student at Lander)
Upon return to Lander, Global Scholars serve as ambassadors for the Honors College and Study Abroad. Global Scholars are expected to contribute to campus and community events such as Open House, Study Abroad student forums, etc.

Download Global Scholars Application

*Based upon the cost of studying at Lander and living and taking all meals on the campus. A detailed contract will be agreed to during the freshman year for each participating student. For additional details, interested students should contact or 864-388-8320.