Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why would I want to study abroad?
It will help you to get a better job! It will help you to get into a good graduate program! Having a study abroad experience on your resume' shows that you are mature, curious about the world, and able to take care of yourself in new situations. It will make your application stand out among the many competing applications.

Why does Lander promote study abroad?
Lander wants you to be well-educated. America's heritage arises from many cultures, and you should understand how this occurred. Art, music, science, medicine, and religion have long transcended national boundaries, and in recent years, business and education have also become global in scope. Persons in every field should be able to examine issues and problems from a global perspective.

Do I need to be a top student to study abroad?
You must have a 2.5 GPA to participate in Lander-sponsored study tours. You must have a 3.0 GPA to study at the University of Winchester and you should be prepared to read a lot and write some long papers. A 2.5 or higher GPA is required for participation in the programs offered by Lander's affiliated third-party program providers (ASA, USCA, CIEE, and GlobaLinks). Please see their websites for detailed information.

Is is safe?
We will not recommend study in countries that are considered by the US Department of State to be unsafe, or at universities that do not provide support services for visiting international students. There have been no cases of serious injury or illness among the nearly 200 Lander students who have studied abroad since 2005.

When can I study abroad?
You must have completed at least one semester at Lander to participate in a faculty-led study tour or two semesters to participate in a semester abroad program. Probably the best time to spend a semester abroad is during your sophomore or junior year. This is because you can easily take general education and elective courses at a foreign university, but courses in your major may be more difficult to arrange. Talk to your advisor about fitting study abroad into your curriculum.

Can you give me some financial advice that would help me to make study abroad affordable?
Ask family members to give you cash for birthdays and Christmas. Talk to returning Lander students about their expenses abroad. NOTE: You will need a debit card and a credit card. Many cards charge 3% fees for transactions in a foreign currency, but Capital One does not. Read the fine print on your credit card and debit card agreements and change banks if necessary. In Europe the semester may begin later than a Lander semester, so try to hold on to your summer job or Christmas job an extra month. Avoid signing year-long apartment leases or new cell-phone contracts. Remember that you will have no automobile expenses abroad and your family may be able to drop you from their auto insurance while you are away.

Can you clarify what exchange rate means?
The exchange rate tells you how much you must pay in U.S. dollars to buy another currency such as British pounds or Euros. For each currency, there is only one REAL exchange rate. It is the exchange rate that banks use when swapping currencies, and it is called the "interbank rate". You can find the interbank rate on various websites such as Note that the interbank exchange rate is established by the worldwide currency market and is always changing, just like the price of a stock on the stock market. Always use your ATM card to get cash while abroad in order to get the interbank exchange rate (see #6 above regarding added fees). If you see a currency exchange counter in an airport or store that has a sign "No Fees", do not believe it. They simply adjust their posted exchange rates!

Study Tour Questions

How expensive are the Spring Break Study Tours which are led by Lander faculty?
The most common case is a 9-10 day study tour to Europe or Latin America costing about $2000 for the travel expenses. Tuition is usually included in the normal spring tuition.

How expensive are the Summer Study Tours which are led by Lander faculty?
The most common case is a two-week study tour to Europe or Latin America costing between $2500 and $3000 for the travel expenses. In most cases you will register for the class along with a full load of fall classes and pay no extra tuition (unless you are taking a total of over 18 hours).

Are scholarships available?

Semester-Abroad Questions

Where can I study abroad for a semester?
Almost anywhere you wish, however, many universities teach only in their local language so be prepared to speak Spanish or Greek or whatever. Lander is affiliated with Academic Studies Abroad (ASA), the University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC), with the Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE), and with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad (GlobaLinks). See their websites for more information. Also talk to the Director of Study Abroad. You may contact to make an appointment.

Will courses taken at an institution abroad count at Lander?
Before taking courses abroad you should discuss them with your advisor to be sure that the courses will fit into your curriculum. Then you must file an International Course Transfer form with the Office of the Registrar at Lander. You must make a "C" or better in each course taken from an institution abroad in order for it to transfer to Lander. Your "Lander GPA" will not be affected by coursework taken at an institution abroad, but your "LIFE scholarship GPA" and your "overall GPA" will be affected. NOTE: Study abroad tours led by Lander faculty members involve regular Lander courses. Credit and grades for these courses are handled in the same way as credit and grades for all Lander courses.

How expensive is it to study abroad for a semester?
The least expensive semester abroad that we recommend is at the University of Winchester. A semester at UW including travel to / from England costs about $2000 more than a semester at Lander (a semester at Lander costs about $10750 for the 2013-2014 year). Please note that the costs of personal travel are not included in the estimates given here.

Why is it less expensive to study at Winchester?
Lander University has special agreements with this small English university so you get a price break. Thirty-seven Lander students have studied at Winchester since the fall of 2006.

What about my financial aid?
If you take 12-15 hours (a full load) Lander will automatically register you for Lander's IDSA 301 course for the correct number of hours. Lander will bill you for the semester, and the amount will depend upon the fees for the university abroad. Your regular financial aid will apply as if you were present at Lander. Please note, however, that financial aid is subject to a complex set of rules set forth by the Federal and State governments, by Lander University, and by individual scholarship donors. You must discuss your particular financial aid situation with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Are scholarships available?
Yes. See the Director of Study Abroad.