Political & Social Sciences Department

Political & Social Sciences

Why study political science at Lander?

Visiting Politician

Understanding the world we live in and just how we fit into that world is a tall order. But that’s the goal and the challenge of studying political science at Lander. The daily news in print, online, and on television and radio will take on new meaning as you gain an understanding of the political forces that move and shape our world.

Majoring in political science will give you the tools to understand and evaluate political systems, problems and solutions in your own community, state, nation and the world. You’ll also have a unique opportunity to develop your own personal political values and to become a truly educated citizen. Being part of the College of Business and Public Affairs, you also have the opportunity to take selected courses in economics and business.

Mock Presidential Debate

Why study sociology at Lander?

What happens when people get together – in families, cities, countries and social classes? What patterns appear? What can be done to improve the quality of our family and community life? These are the kinds of questions a sociologist asks – and they’re the kind you’ll answer as a sociology major at Lander.

Our curriculum is designed to give you a good, general foundation in the science of society. We offer two tracks of study in sociology: the traditional track and a criminal justice emphasis. Both allow you the flexibility to custom design your curriculum to meet your individual skills and career goals. Sociology is a discipline that is useful regardless of whether you seek a career in government, business, the media or philanthropic organizations because it allows you to learn about and develop insights into society.