Ryan  Floyd

Ryan Floyd

Assistant Professor of History, Social Science Secondary Ed. Coordinator
Ph.D., University of Alabama (2010)
B.S., Samford University (1998)

Phone: (864) 388-8786
E-mail: mrfloyd@lander.edu

College: College of Arts & Humanities
Department: Department of History & Philosophy


A native of New Orleans, Dr. Floyd earned his B.S. in Social Science Education at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and his doctorate in history from the University of Alabama. At Lander, Dr. Floyd teaches upper division courses that explore 19th and 20th century U.S. foreign relations, military history and the American South. He is also the Social Science Secondary Education Coordinator and Executive Historian for the Teaching American History Lakelands program. In his first two years at Lander, he received the 2011-2012 Young Faculty Teaching Award and reorganized the secondary social studies program, which is currently Nationally Recognized by the National Council for Accreditation and Teacher Education. He has focused his research on late 19th and early 20th century U.S. foreign relations.  Recently Palgrave Macmillan published his book entitled Abandoning American Neutrality: Woodrow Wilson and the Beginning of the Great War, August 1914 - December 1915.  Dr. Floyd and his wife have three children. In his 'free time' Dr. Floyd enjoys hanging out with his family, fly fishing, hacking his way around the links and watching football.


Young Faculty Teaching Award, 2011-2012

Young Faculty Scholar Award, 2013-2014

Course Num Course Title
EDUC-461 Clinical Practice-Hist
EDUC-490 Internship
HIST-101 Western Civilization to 1600
HIST-112 United States Hist Since 1877
HIST-121 World Civilizations to 1600
HIST-290 Hist Practicum: Peer Tutoring
HIST-371 Spies and Lies: OSS and CIA
HIST-390 US History Before the 20th Cen
HIST-391 US & World in 20th Century
HIST-441 World War One
HIST-441 New South to Modern South
HIST-441 The Civil Rights Movement
HIST-441 World War II
HIST-451 Meth Teach of Sec Soc Studies
HIST-490 Internship
HIST-499 Senior Capstone Seminar

U.S. Foreign Relations, First World War

U.S. Foreign Relations 1776 to the present
Early and Modern America
First and Second World Wars
History Education

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  • Good Commerce Makes Good Neighbors: The Expansion of U.S. Foreign Trade in Latin America and the Emergence of the Good Neighbor Policy 1914-1934. in The Vulcan Historical Review. (2006)

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