Testing Information

Placement Testing Information

This information is designed to assist you in determining which Mathematics Assessment tools you should complete or if you are exempted from this requirement. It will also give you information about the Foreign Language Placement Exam that new students are required to take.

All students must take a Mathematics Skills Assessment Test.

Mathematics Skill Requirements:

You must take the Mathematics Skills Assessment if:

  • You are an entering freshman
  • You are a Transfer student and you are not transferring in a mathematics course from another institution that is equivalent to one offered at Lander

You must take the Pre-calculus Assessment if:

  • You will be a mathematics major at Lander
  • You are entering one of the three Dual-Degree Engineering programs with Clemson University through a Mathematics, Computer Information Systems, or Chemistry major at Lander
  • You would like to take Calculus to satisfy your General Education mathematics requirement

Foreign Language Requirements:

All new students are required to take the Foreign Language Placement test in the language they had in high school.

The Foreign Language Placement Exam is available in Spanish, French, German, and Russian. Students who have a foreign language background in Latin or other languages not listed above must go to the Academic Success Center located in Genesis Hall for information about what to do. Please note that the Latin Placement Exam is not offered online and must be taken at the Academic Success Center.

It is strongly recommended that students review their foreign language skills prior to taking the Foreign Language Placement Exam to assure the best results. The Foreign Language Exam in Spanish or French will place students into Spanish 101 or 102 or French 101 or 102 which will satisfy Lander's general education foreign language requirement. A student may also "Pass" the Foreign Language Placement Exam which will exempt them from the General Education foreign language requirement and allow them to enroll in a 200-level Spanish or French course if they would like to do so.

Students for whom English is a second language are exempt from the General Education foreign language requirement; therefore, no test in foreign language is required.

English Validation Essay

Students who have scored 680 or higher on their SAT Verbal or 30 or higher on the ACT English are eligible to take the English validation Essay. This is a two-hour essay which is scored by the English faculty. Students will earn ENGL 101 credit with a passing score on this essay.

Students should go to the Academic Success Center located in Genesis Hall to schedule an appointment for this exam.

Placement Test Instructions and Score Interpretations

Please click on the following links for more information.

CLEP Testing Information

CLEP is a national system of credit-by-credit-examination. The program includes a variety of subject examinations which may substitute for specific Lander courses. Students earning passing scores, as indicated below, will receive credit for the following courses upon the submission of an official score report to the Registrar’s Office. Lander students should consult with their academic advisor and submit a Coursework Approval Form prior to taking the examination. Test dates, applications (payment of a fee for each exam), and registration deadlines are available through the Academic Success Center. For more information regarding CLEP, please visit clep.collegeboard.org

Accepted CLEP tests and course equivalencies are located in the Lander University Catalog or click HERE.

ETS Testing Information

Lander University is a national testing site for most ETS testing services including: ACT, SAT, GRE subject tests, and the PRAXIS. If you need help or have specific questions about completing a testing application, please contact the Academic Success Center. For more information about ETS and test dates please visit www.ets.org