Christine M Sacerdote

Christine M. Sacerdote

Assistant Professor of Education, Coordinator of Early Childhood Education Programs
Ed.D., Argosy University (2012)

Phone: (864) 388-8432

College: College of Education
Department: Department of Teacher Education

Course Num Course Title
ECED-227 Intro to Early Childhood Educ
ECED-323 Math Pedagogy for Early Childh
ECED-415 Integrated Creative Arts
ECED-429 Field Experience III
EDUC-371 Practicum in Early Childhood
EDUC-461 Clinical Practice
MONT-474 Mont Methods: Language
MONT-475 Mont Methods: Mathematics
MONT-617 Practicum I
MONT-688 Montessori Methods: Mathematic

  • Exploration or Misuse of Classroom Materials. American Montessori Society Annual Meeting. Orlando, Florida. (2013)
  • Positive Guidance. First Steps. Greenwood, South Carolina. (2013)