Balls Honored by People To People International, MU

May 23, 2012
People to People Honor
Lander University President Daniel Ball was recently named People To People International's Outstanding Educator of the Southeast. Pictured with Ball are local PTPI chapter President Connie Edwards, left, and Sadie Erwin, assistant to the president.
Lander University President Daniel Ball and his son Stephen, an associate professor of nutritional science and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri, recently received prestigious awards in the same week.

Daniel Ball, in his 12th year as Lander's president, was named People To People International's Outstanding Educator of the Southeast. PTPI honored Ball for his commitment to academic excellence and establishment of innovative programs at Lander.
PTPI also cited Ball's efforts to promote environmental awareness and record of reaching out to the community.

"Usually, someone who receives an award like this is from a much larger university," said Connie Edwards, president of the local PTPI chapter, which nominated Ball for the award. "We're excited that Dr. Ball was chosen."

Ball said, "Being recognized by People To People International gives me a special sense of pride because of the good work it does, in building global understanding and tolerance among the peoples of our world. As you know, Lander University has embarked on an 'International Initiative' with similar goals."

He added, "I am indebted to many people for this recognition, and I am deeply honored."

Meanwhile, Ball's son Stephen, who has taught undergraduate courses in exercise and fitness at the University of Missouri since 2002, and who also serves as a specialist in fitness for MU Extension, was awarded a William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence.

Stephen Ball
The Kemper Fellowship, established in 1991 by the family of William T. Kemper, a well-known banker and civic leader who graduated from MU in 1926, is awarded five times a year to outstanding MU educators and includes a check for $10,000 to spend as they wish.

"It is obviously a tremendous honor, and I am very proud to represent my other Nutrition and Exercise Physiology faculty, my Extension colleagues, and of course, the University of Missouri," Stephen Ball said.

Asked if his father's career in academia played any role in his decision to teach, Stephen Ball, a former captain of the MU baseball team, said, "yes, of course. I have always looked up to my dad and we are very proud of everything he has accomplished."

The elder Ball said that his son has succeeded in his chosen field because he "has been able to combine his academic and athletic abilities, lending enormous credibility to his work."

Ball expressed pride in his son and said, "It is indeed a happy coincidence that we were recognized at about the same time."

Ball and his wife, Marjorie, have another son, David, who is in private business.